Salima ViraniFounder and Principal Lawyer
Barrister & Solicitor

Salima was called to the Ontario Bar in 2002 and started her professional career as a Bay Street lawyer specializing in corporate/commercial law. She’s had the privilege of working in some of Canada’s best firms and with some of Toronto’s smartest legal minds!.  In May 2013, Salima launched Blue Letter Law with the vision to combine her knack for business strategy with her training as a lawyer to develop successful solutions for her clients.

Salima’s areas of competence include all aspects of commercial transactions (such as purchase and sale of businesses, franchise reviews, S.85 and 86 re-organizations, incorporation and shareholder agreements) and also on non-commercial matters that require skillful negotiation and collaboration – such as family law. 

Salima routinely represents clients in court on issues of custody, access, support, and equalization.  She has a proven track record to achieve success via mediation and skilled negotiation saving clients thousands of dollars in litigation costs.  Her no-nonsense approach has assisted clients in developing equitable marriage contracts, separation agreements and other domestic contracts. 

Salima’s attention to detail has also served clients on real estate transactions.  Her clients include buyers and sellers of resale residential and commercial property as well as pre-construction property and investment properties.  Her knowledge of real estate law helps clients and their realtors draft conditions and other provisions in agreements that are reliable and enforceable – post-closing.

As part of her estate planning practice, Salima has prepared numerous wills and powersof attorney including special purpose wills such as dual wills, multi-jurisdiction wills and setting up complex trusts.  Salima has administered many estates and ensures a seamless process from probate application to passing of accounts. 

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